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Zhangjiagang Desheng Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive textile enterprise, with business involving in weaving, mercerized, dyeing and finishing treatment.

Covering an area of 28,000sqm, Desheng is located in Zhangjiagang city. As a competitive woolen textile distribution place in China, Zhangjiagang city enjoys good location for it is situated at the bank side of Changjiang River and only 95km away from Shanghai city; moreover, Zhangjiagang is honored as "Health city " of China, "Civilization city" of China, "Sample city in China for environment protection" and "ecologic city of China". And we have established factories in Shantou Guangdong Province,Jiangyin Jiangsu Province, Honghe Zhejiang Province which can provide overall services to customers.

Desheng mainly produces all kinds of yarns, including mercerized cotton yarns, Cotton spinning yarns, Woolen yarns, Hemp spinning yarns, Fancy yarns, Special yarns, and so on. The annual output is about 12,000 tons...

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